Sunday, 27 January 2013

How do I Choose the Best Fashion Design Courses

Fashion designing is a creative field, wherein people all over the world look forward to enter and set a new standard in the market. In India, fashion industry is quite new due to which lot of competition has emerged. If you are looking forward to get into this industry, then make sure you do a good research on the right institute and the course that can help you get a kick start in your career.

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Fashion designers have got different roles to perform. Whether it is styling, sketching, illustrating or even designing, there are many tasks that a person needs to be aware of. If you choose a good course from which you can learn many things then certainly, success will not be so far. You need to be aware about many things, jobs, duties and responsibilities that are concerned with fashion designing career. If this is the case, then a good course will provide you with the in-depth knowledge about it and help you get a better idea and scope to make your career. If you are stuck with the question on how do I choose the best fashion designing courses? then certainly, you've come to the right page to get the answer.

To select the right course that can help you get set in your fashion career, you need to make a good research on it. Different institutes offer different courses with particular criteria in regards to eligibility and course structure. Know the popular institute that offers the courses related to fashion designing, visit their personal website or contact them personally. Know their admission process and their affiliated university. If you think that the instate that you have chosen is the right one, then don't think much and simply jump on it.

There are many fashion designing courses that can confuse you. Diploma certificate, post graduation, undergraduation, etc., are some of the courses that generally students opt for. Depending on your subjects of interest and which field you wish to opt for, you can choose the course and go ahead with it.

You have to consider the aspect of fashion industry in which you wish to work. Suppose, you wish to become a fashion designer, then look for the courses that teach you how to create clothing and designing. If you are more interested in marketing, then look for the course that focus on advertising or strategy making aspects of fashion.

Look for the course which you can attend regularly and learn out of it. Besides, look for the classes to attend after you decide up with the right schedule from your busy life. You can also opt for online courses or choose online class that can help you learn and at the same time help you to attend the courses simply by sitting at home.

Simply, being born as an talented artist will not help you grow in this industry. The industry is quite huge with lot of competition. It can be the biggest challenge for you to survive here, if you don't have any good educational qualification. Hence, choose the course which is of your interest and at the same time has better career opportunities in future.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

What does a Fashion Designer do

Fashion designing is a creative field where people looking forward to become a designer must have special skills and talent. In India, the fashion industry has come a lot ahead and is said to be the most growing one, where many aspiring designers have got different roles to perform. However, staying in this industry is not so easy. One needs to ensure that whatever role he/she is performing must satisfy the customer. Setting a new standard in the market and creating a new trend is not so easy. You need to make a good research, study on the materials, perform different jobs and then accomplish the project with proper strategy. If you are looking forward to become a designer, then certainly you must know what does a fashion designer do.

To begin with the career in fashion designing, there are many fashion designing courses thatwould be helpful. These courses offer a great opportunity to enter different fields of fashion designing. Before you choose a good fashion designing course, take a look at the role of a fashion designer, so that it becomes easy for you to choose the right course in which you can excel.

A fashion designer works with the great brands or popular designing companies and celebrities to set a new standard in the fashion world. Designers are considered as an important part of fashion design industry. These designers are formally educated in different topics related to fashion technology, designing, garment construction and many more. Besides, they also carry years of experience that helps them make a good impact in the world of fashion.

Designers are the ones who work on designing different product of fashion ranges and clothing items. Depending on their career interest, they focus on certain areas such as footwear, sportswear, kidswear and even accessories.

A fashion designer, with his/her creativity puts all his/her hard work to be on top in the fashion industry. He/she creates comfortable yet designer clothes with the help of soft materials and uses the right combination of color and fabric.

An expert designer would keep a close eye on the changing fashion trends. He/she also keeps the record of the previous season and also an eye on the knowledge of his/her own.

It is an important job of the designer to create the designer ready-to-wear, haute couture, and even high street fashion markets that would be liked by other customers.

Right form launching their collection at every season to the designing clothes for a regular wear, a fashion designer has to undertake different tasks. Seasonal changes mean entire change right form the fabric to be used to the change in fashion and style. Every detailing from bags to clothes have to be changed from season to season. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the designer to make the fashion design industry, the most active industry of all.

If you are looking forward to get a good fashion career and be a part of this industry, ensure that you enroll yourself in to the best course that you can opt for from a good institute. Here you can get list of fashion institutes.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Importance of Style and Fashion in Today's Society

The importance of style and fashion in today's society is much underrated. The way that you look and dress is the first impression that people have of you. In order to give people a good first impression, you need to be dressed in a way that fits your style and does not look sloppy or messy, but one that does compliment you.

Personal style is a great way to express who you are and what you stand for. You can have fun with your own fashion statement but you should try and shy away from being too bold or it will make your outfit look like a costume.

You need to have a good appearance to show people that you invest in yourself. Your clothes should not be too tight because this gives a bad impression and it is very uncomfortable for you. Your clothes should not be too loose or baggy because that makes you look slovenly.

Your hair and makeup are also essential parts of your appearance. Your hair should be nicely combed and your make up should be subtle and not too loud. You need to put time and effort into how you dress and style yourself.

Fashion and style let people know if you are serious or not. The way that you dress on a job interview tells employers if you might make a good employee. If you are wearing a short skirt and a t-shirt then most employers would not think to hire you because they think that you are not serious about wanting the job that they are hiring for.

The importance of style and fashion in today's society is very important so always make sure you look your best whenever you go because you never know who is watching. You could end up reaping many rewards if you invest in yourself because you will look great and feel better about yourself. Put your best clothes on and put your best foot forward.

Happy Shopping.

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

List of Fashion Designing Institutes in India

In India there are many Institutes provides courses in fashion designing. It provides a platform for those students who wants to make a career in Fashion Industry.
I have mentioned some list of fashion Institutes

1. National Institutes of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
2. National Institute of Design
7. Pearl Academy Of Fashion (PAF)
9. Northern India Institute Of Fashion Technology
10. NIFD
11. Apeejay Institute Of Design
12. Footware Design & Development Institute Noida
13. ALT Training College
14. National Institutes of Fashion Design
17. RAI University
18. Wigan and Leigh Fashion School
19. National Academy of Fashion technology
20. Y W C A
21. Apeejay Institute of design
22. Infopark School of fashion
23. Satyam International polytechnic for women
24. The Apparel Training & design Centre
25. I EC School of Art & fashion
26. Janaki Devi Vocational centre
27. J D Institute of fashion technology
28. Aditya Institute of technology
29. Vidya Institute
30. Centre for International management
31. International Centre of Art & design
32. Lisa Institute of fashion Pvt. Ltd
33. Asian polytechnic
34. IDC, IIT Bombay
35. Department of Design, Guwahati
36. Srishti School of Design, Bangalore
37. MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design, Pune
38. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
39. Department of Industrial Design, N Delhi
40. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
41. Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, IISc, Bangalore
42. Design Institute of India, Indore
43. DSK International Institute of Design, Pune
44. Creative-i College of Creative Arts, Pune
45. DSK International Institute of Design, Pune
46. Mayura School of Fashion Technology
47. Jewellery Design & Technology Institute
48. Government Institute of Garment Technology, Amritsar
49. IMS Academy of Fashion and Jewelry Design, Noida
50. AIFD
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Thursday, 20 September 2012

How do You Get Success in Fashion Designer

Fashion sense comes from within. If you are creative,  unique and versatile then there is no chance that you can not be popular. Other than these gifted qualities you do however need to work on your designing skills which comes with education and experience. Then you may become a successful fashion designer. We are going to talk about creativity is the first point .

creativity - This is the most important issue that every fashion designer student should faced. To get more money requires that you enhance your talent. You have to learn from those who are already successful. It is only through hard work that you will get success. In beginning, you can face to get difficult but it will get easier with time. The second point is about quality which is so important. 

Quality - It is very important for a fashion designer. Everyone have to know what people like to wear. It's a good idea to learn the choices of your people. Every-time fashion design changes. Planning is what will make you a name or brand. This is the worst mistake that you should not make. Promotion is really good thing to  become a successful. Go through and get more information about fashion designing courses and boost your career in fashion Industry.

Promotion - This is about promotion of your clothes is very important in fashion industry. How to people know about your product. Through promotion people know about your product and brand.  People should be aware of your products. Magazine is the best way to sell your products. Those tips will be very beneficial to you. These main steps will improve your carrier as a fashion designer.

The good way to go about with the fashion designing industry is to grab you basic knowledge and traits by obtaining a fine arts degree. This degree would be of greater help if it would be obtained from a well renowned fashion school. The course would be around three to four years long and would help you at drawing, colour work of art and form, as well as growth and preparation in pattern making, draping and cutting methods. You will also have to go through a fashion show at the end of your course.

The world of fashion design is a tough competition to survive and you need to get into the designer to achieve those goal that you always dreamy of. You can probably drive in your best sense from art galleries, film, the street, current events and pop culture .